Anita Malfatti
A Boba (Silly Woman), 1915
Oil on canvas
61 x 50,6 cm
Donated MAMSP

A Boba (Silly Woman), as well as Torso/Rhythm, from the MAC collection, is part of the works shown in 1917, which are considered the climax of her expressionist production. In A Boba (Silly Woman), the character is portrayed with a vague expression. Black lines delineate and highlight such expression over an abstract background, developed with quick diagonal strokes. This plastic system is emphasized by strong colors and paint diluted with turpentine. It is noteworthy the artist’s freedom in developing the theme and in the title given to the work. This painting, among others painted by her, caused confrontation between academic and modern art. Malfatti said: "When people say all my paintings, they found them ugly and Dantesque and everybody got sad. The characteres weren't anymore the highschool's saints".

Maria Ângela Serri Francoio